Who we are

Founded in 2005, Empower Inc is one of London’s original digital marketing agencies. We’re a committed and diverse team of designers, researchers and strategists with a passion for innovation.

It’s our global outlook and multilingual approach to online marketing that makes our clients’ sites not only aesthetically pleasing and content rich, but also internationally accessible. We attained this fortuitous perspective due to the unique circumstances of our business. As a digital marketing agency and languages service provider with a difference, we implement dynamic online marketing strategies to bring all kinds of companies to the forefront of the online marketplace.

Helping successful businesses to become even more successful both here in the UK and overseas is not all we do. Contributing toward positive social change is at the core of our DNA. That’s why we are proud to work with charitable foundations. It makes us feel good when we see that our skills and expertise in website design, social media marketing and online advertising are making the world a better place.

We realised that few websites sufficiently cater for international audiences and that our combined experience of professional translation, digital marketing and website design had perfectly prepared us for the challenges that global online marketing poses.


Where we’re going


10 years down the line and we’re still growing and still learning. We adapt and change as quickly as the trends in digital marketing themselves. As geopolitical developments open up new markets to the world, Empower Inc will be ready and waiting to apply years of experience in cultural translation and online marketing so that we can connect consumers with our clients.



Harmonious marketing and design.

Our Approach.

We take the time to understand your brand and how your website works in the context of your unique commercial strategy. Our innovative digital marketers and visionary designers are dedicated to connecting brands with their customers through revolutionary approaches to web design and online marketing. We regard design as both a service and an art form, and we implement this creative approach in all of our work.

Innovating services and online experiences.

Our Values.

We strongly believe in devising strategies catered for specific markets. Our international outlook and 10 years of experience with multilingual localisation result in campaigns which innovate and improve business performance.


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