Integrated website and booking system with member levels.

Better leisure centres are owned by GLL, a not-for-profit organisation which was the first leisure operator in the UK to be awarded the prestigious Social Enterprise Mark and the Big Society Award in 2011. We developed an online booking system for their leisure centres and gymnasiums. It’s integrated with the Legend membership system so all the bookings can be paid for online by direct debit or when the user arrives at the venue. You can search for a desired booking by location or post code and compare the prices of the prepaid monthly or annual memberships and “pay and play” membership options. The secure system has the ability to manage different membership options. The efficient system substantially reduces operational costs and administration time.


The Better website features an extensive footer with links to all the numerous associated pages and sites that GLL/Better run. This means that users can navigate with a single click to a page about the leisure facilities, leisure memberships, lessons and courses, spas in London or the sporting foundation they run. The headers are written in the green and white colour scheme of the Better brand and use the same font as the Better logo.

Small, tasteful images of sporting images, such as a man on a bike or a girl playing tennis are carefully placed around the page. These send a clear visual message about the function of the site, while also communicating the ethnic diversity of Better’s target market. Besides the headers and images, the most prominent information on the page is that pertaining to the booking options; explaining the difference between the two types of prepaid membership and the pay and play options. This design enables the user to quickly determine their ideal option and click through into the booking system.

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