Domino’s Menu


Social strategy and fan site blog for pizza lovers.

We designed a website for pizza lovers called Dominos Menu. The website is based on a CMS theme and is blog focused. The updated blogs are the focus point of the website for those who access the site via the landing page. The landing page lists recent blog posts in a central position while the static pages are listed in clickable links on the right hand side of the screen. There are numerous pages for specific types of pizza, each of which is optimised for the relevant search terms.


As an unofficial fan site for the Domino’s pizza franchise, the design of the Domino’s menu site had to be different from the official Domino’s site whilst also incorporating some of the branding associated with the Domino’s brand, such as the logo and colour scheme. The social strategy has been extremely successful, with the Facebook page accruing over 4000 likes.

The blog is updated with news which is relevant to Domino’s pizza. This includes business related news like profit margins and forecasts as well as political and promotional updates. The Domino’s voucher page is updated with coupon codes for discounted pizzas. These prove very popular because most people do not have a Dominos menu handy at the time of ordering. The pizza is delivered with a menu that has voucher codes on it but by then it is too late to redeem them, so people look online for codes prior to ordering instead.

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