Nationwide online booking system for swimming lessons.

zSwim is an online portal  for managing your bookings for swimming lessons all over the country. Having been developed in association with leisure centre staff and customers the very people that use the system, it is an intuitive and user-friendly software system for all leisure centres.


The site is designed around a one page navigation principle and encourages two types of people to sign up:those looking to book swimming lessons and those hosting them. The website is based on event management software customised to work as an online booking system for swimming lessons at multiple locations.

An embedded map features prominently on the landing page displaying the locations of various swimming pools. Above the map there are “Book Now” call to action buttons in separate categories. These encourage users to book while helping them to identify the type of lesson required. The images put the curious user’s mind at ease, demonstrating that the specific type of swimming lesson they require (eg. Toddler lessons) are available through zSwim.

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